Software Development

December 8, 2016

Be Careful, Banks Can Be Unsafe Too

Online security compromises, like leaks about the NSA accessing private financial accounts and cyber-criminal attacks, have raised anxieties about the effectiveness of security measures used by banks to protect sensitive account information. This issue has been further complicated by the increased popularity of mobile banking applications, which has given hackers a new way to access account numbers, passwords, and other private data. Establishing digital security is not a one man's effort. It requires the cooperation of bank account holders and preventive measures from digital application platforms and financial institutions. Financial and Bank Security Systems are a good example of the type of solutions that 21st century banks have to use to keep their data and business information secure and away from the hands of hackers.
December 8, 2016

Should You Go For Custom Software Solutions For Your Business?

Custom software is specially developed for a specific organization or individual. Most customers expect the software to meet accommodate particular preferences and expectations. The development processes are usually interactive in nature, and they allow all nuances and unknown risks to be addressed, including some critical issues not dealt with in the original specifications of the software. So, as an organization or an individual, if you might be having the mind boggling question of whether CFD Software Solutions by ESI-GROUP are for you, here are some reasons to choose custom software development.
December 1, 2016

What is Rich Internet Application (RIA)?

The growing demand for engaging and interactive web experiences has triggered the rise of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Rich Internet applications (RIAs) offer a rich, engaging experience that improves user satisfaction and increases productivity. Using the broad reach of the […]