Popularity of Managed IT Services for Businesses Is Rising

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December 8, 2016
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December 8, 2016
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Popularity of Managed IT Services for Businesses Is Rising


According to a new study by the IT industry trade association CompTIA, many businesses are progressively turning to managed service providers (MSP) to manage their IT services. For the most part, the specifics of Managed IT services are agreed upon as a part of a joint agreement with the internal IT departments in companies.

Managed service providers have been offering their service for a long time, but adoption of their service has been relatively low. The study revealed that by the end of 2012, only 3 out of 10 organizations had any of their IT activities in the hands of an MSP. However, a survey conducted earlier this year indicated that many businesses confirmed using the services of an external IT firm within the past 12 months.

Many businesses have become conversant with the managed services, and they are turning to them for the management of some IT functions, especially storage, backup and recovery, email hosting, customer relationship management (CRM) and network monitoring.

Increases predictability of both workflow and budget

Managed IT services make the budgeting process easier and more predictable because the monthly or annual payments are usually based on a contract. Additionally, since these services ensure that top-class services are offered, businesses are assured that employees will deliver work as expected.

Provides efficient resource allocation

Understaffing and overstaffing are critical situations which businesses try to avoid whenever they can. Understaffing leads to underperformance and endless issues in the IT department while overstaffing wastes resources. Having managed IT services ensures allocation of the required personnel thus saving money for the company, while at the same time providing the best services.

Effortlessly integrate with any acquisitions

Sometimes, it can be challenging to acquire services from a particular company. However, obtaining managed IT, services cannot provide any of these challenges. This is because managed IT services require minimal management they can easily be scaled. All they do is to change your brand.

Offer customer service through applications

Your customers expect you to provide them with the best software of applications. Managed IT services give you the chance to do so with minimal downtimes and enjoy advanced programs.

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