Should You Go For Custom Software Solutions For Your Business?

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December 8, 2016
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December 8, 2016
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Should You Go For Custom Software Solutions For Your Business?


Custom software is specially developed for a specific organization or individual. Most customers expect the software to meet accommodate particular preferences and expectations. The development processes are usually interactive in nature, and they allow all nuances and unknown risks to be addressed, including some critical issues not dealt with in the original specifications of the software.

So, as an organization or an individual, if you might be having the mind boggling question of whether CFD Software Solutions by ESI-GROUP are for you, here are some reasons to choose custom software development.


Once you have decided to start a business, your primary goal should be to stay focused and grow your business day in day out. If you need your business to stay competitive in the future, custom software is there to help you do that. Custom software solutions usually give many businesses the opportunity to conduct their activities in a different way from the way other businesses do.


Sometimes off-the-shelf software can be costly to acquire, and at times it comes stuffed with features, you will never use. Additionally, the off-the-shelf software requires monthly subscriptions which can be very expensive for small businesses in the long-run. Furthermore, it is very hard to predict when providers decide to release an upgraded version of the software. These are some of the reasons why it is easier and cheaper to acquire customized software designed to meet specific needs of your business.


Assume your website is not connected with your customer relations management (CRM) or the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and sometimes you struggle to run things smoothly in your business. Custom software solutions offer more services than these platforms combined. These solutions ensure efficiency amongst your teammates, leading to high productivity.


Let’s say you are planning to integrate your existing software with something new in the market to boost your productivity. It becomes a challenge to integrate the two resources since man off-the-shelf software solutions are incompatible. However, custom software solutions integrate easily with what you already have as they only add the extra features you need.

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